When I moved into my new house, one of the perks was that there was a ready-made shed at the bottom of the garden. As sheds go this one is quite sophisticated. The shed is constructed from wood with a double skin inner being flat sheet and the outer planking. The upper level is clad with corrugated sheet and the roof has wooden beams and is also covered in plastic corrugated sheeting meaning that the sun shines through it. I’ve not checked the details of the floor but I believe it’s a thin concrete base, I just need to lift some of the carpet tiles.

So far the work on the shed has involved getting rid of some old furniture and pondering about benches. I’m thinking of building a workbench from a wooden frame from some 2b4 with a sheet of kitchen worktop on top. Something like a combination of this and this.

I hope to make parts for stop motion armatures for which I will need to do some simple metal work and odd bit of brazing in the shed as well as DIY projects for the house. A chap from work has offered me a model makers’ lathe for a good price and I’ve bought a series of books from Amazon on heat treatment, lathes and brazing.

Due to some comments in the Amateur Lathe, I’ve also bought a portable rechargeable dehumidifier from ebay to keep the place nice and dry through the rest of the winter.

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