Benches and Bench Grinders

This weekend saw the drilling and first coat of paint for the new bench legs. Due to the need to let the paint dry for 24hrs and not really wanting to paint them inside the shed, I’ve waited till a dry day to paint them. The legs are attached to the framework via dowels and a screw. I drilled 3 holes in a diagonal line through both pieces of wood with a small pilot drill. The two outer holes are then counterbored on the inner faces to the size/depth of the dowels. The middle hole is countersunk to take the screw. When it’s all lined up correctly in situe I’ll glue it with some woodglue and tighten the screws, there’s enough give in the setup to allow for the lack of rightangles in the shed. The worktop has had 3 coats of “garage floor paint” and will be screwed down to the top once thats dry. I’ll fill the pilot holes and the screw holes that hold the top with some filler before touching up with a splash of paint. Here’s a quick diagram, there will be some photos when it’s assembled.

I’ve also been thinking about how to sharpen my new lathe tools (to be delivered shortly), a bench grinder is the obvious choice but there are so many different kinds and prices for them, ranging from a B&Q special at £10 to the “Creusen DS9300 Industrial Grinder” from Axminster Power Tools which comes in at £819 (partly I expect because it’s 3 phase). I’ve delegated this job to my Dad as he’s bought and used more bench grinders than I’ve had hot dinners.
Lathe tools

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