Choose lathe

Choose lathe.
Choose a chuck.
Choose a tool.
Choose a work piece.
Choose a 12in angle plate,
Choose cross slides, micrometers, parting off tools, and electrical hacksaws.
Choose good lubricants, sharp tools and quality measuring instruments.
Choose fixed steady and travelling steady.
Choose a tail stock.
Choose your drills.
Choose a indexable lathe tool and matching tool tips.
Choose a rotary table on a compound slide with a range of t slot bolts.
Choose imperial taps and wondering where to buy them on a Sunday morning.
Choose turning your own rivets making mind-numbing spirit-crushing repetitive rivets from excessively large brass bar.
Choose cleaning up at the end of it all, choose packing away at the end of it all hoping your model ends up in a renound exhibition, nothing more to do than build a case from a picture frame that used to hold a pic of the kids.
Choose your future.

Choose lathe… But why would I want to do a thing like that?

Saupe MD200 Lathe

With thanks to Irvine Walsh for inspiration for this poem.

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