When cleaning out the cupboards in the side of the shed some damp was found in the back of the lower ones. Looking round the side of the shed, I discovered a large pile of items that were leaning part way up the side of the shed. On investigation, I found the totally rotten remains of a scaffolding plank. I found the metal end of the plank and a load of mush, some plastic pipes (white and grey), some hardwood that was mostly rotten, some rusty angle iron, some large plastic trays, other bits of rotten wood and some snails (they liked the pipes). The gap down the side was too narrow to get into so I dragged it all out with a hoe (found elsewhere in the garden) and dropped the level down by about 4 inches.

Hopefully this will sort out the damp in the cupboards, I soaked a couple of damps spots with some wetrot wood hardener that I had left from another job and the mold was cleaned off with flash and bleach.

The snails were put on the bird table so unless they can jump they will be bird food by now but I gave them a fighting chance.

I had a nice email from the “North London Society of Model Engineers” who suggested that a bit of swarf will keep the snails away from your selected plants.

On Sunday, I had a trip to the local DIY superstore, ordered some timber and 18mm ply to make a new bench with. The current thought is to use garage floor paint on this, unless I have any better ideas before the wood is delivered.

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