Book Review – Tool and Cutter Sharpening

The Tool and Cutter Sharpening book, pretty much covers how to sharpen everything that you might have in your workshop, the only exception I’ve found so far is that the chapter on drills does not mention masonry bits. The book is in the popular Workshop Practice series and is written by Harold Hall

The intro starts with details of different types of grinder; Vertex, Quorn, Worden, Stent and the “off hand grinder” which we would commonly know as a “bench grinder”. It mentioned types of grinding wheels and the importance and use of a rest.

The middle chapters walk you through each type of item, drills, lathe tools, milling cutters, screw drivers, centre punches and woodworking tools. The instructions are detailed without being patronising.

The final chapters have some how to make projects for a grinding rest, jigs for grinding end mills, square and round workpieces, very small drills and four facet grinding of drills and details of how to modify your bench grinder to take a cup or saucer grinding wheel.

I’d recommend this to anyone who’s got a few things to sharpen and either has or is thinking of purchasing a grinder.

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