Veteran Shed Builder

Not to be out done by Rex my friend Alan has put up another shed, this one is bigger and better than his first and hopefully he did not make the same mistakes as Rex did…

Q: Is this your first shed?
A: Certainly not!
Q: What’s different about this shed to your first shed?
A: It’s four times the size, the shed is a heavy duty pent (ed. single slope roof, no apex), heavy duty in this case means that the frame is made of 2″ timber.
Q: How big is this shed? 18″x6″ the other shed is 6″x”8. The shed in mounted on 11 (75mm square) bearers running front to back. The bearers rest on 400m square paving slabs.
Q: From the picture, it look like it’s two sheds bolted together, how does it stay rigid? It is not two sheds bolted together. The front and rear panels are made from two preassembled sections to enable easier transportation to site. The panels are held together with M10 bolts.
Q: How long did it take?
A: It took approximately 6 hours to assemble.
Q: How many people worked on this?
A: Four adults bodgers and two little bodgers
Q: What will you do differently next time?
A: Get a bigger shed!
Q: No mistakes?
A: A few but nothing major, some unused holes but a lick of wood paint and no one will notice.

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4 thoughts on “Veteran Shed Builder

  1. Rex says:

    I see the key crisis has been covered up!

  2. You mean the crisis where your son locked everyone out of the shed and Alan had to climb in through the window?

  3. Spanky says:

    Atleast he did sort out the nails and his brother was very good at tidying up.

  4. alan b says:

    Just checked shed day after rain storm and perfectly dry. Next job is to hook up the mains. Anyone got some surplus armoured cable Andy?

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