Machined blob

This weekend I machined up one the castings from last week’s melt. Here’s the stages from scrap to machined results.

Step 1
Some scrap ali that I found round the back of the shed, sawn up into suitable sized pieces to fit into the crucuible.

Step 2
Molten Aliuminium in Charcoal Furnace

Step 3
Casting in sand

Step 4
Casting removed and sand cleaned off. Following this, I sawed off the rough edges

Step 5
Blob machined in the lathe into a block

One thought on “Machined blob

  1. carl h. sr. says:

    That is quite impressive.
    I have never melted metal in my shed,but I have thought of the possibility many times.
    Your machined block is a fine example of recycling.
    If it were my first,I think I would perhaps etch a thought onto it and keep it for its’ intrinsic beauty.

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