Tool storage and metal stocks storage

A few weeks back I was lucky enough to get hold of some wire mesh trays in the sale (a cuttlery holder from Tesco and a letter tray from WHSmiths). The cuttlrey tray has proven to a good container for storing my metal bars and rods (it could be a little longer) and the simple letter tray is great for storing some tools. The mesh is soft enough and fine enough to avoid damaging the metal but strong enough to hold a good quantity of tools or metal.

My problem is that now I want some more and no-one is doing them in the sale. My options are to wait till more are on sale, take a visit to Ikea (who appear to have similar items) or to get some mesh and make some of my own, being in a creative mood at the moment, this is probably what I will do.

Brown VCI Paper

On a related note, for long term storage of tools (or metal stocks) it’s often recommended to wrap them in oiled brown paper. I discovered today that Chronos supply “Antirust” paper or to give it its propper name “Volatile Corrosion Inhibiting Paper”. I’m not sure if this is significantly different from brown paper soaked in WD40 but it seems like a good investiment if you have some valuable items like chucks or cutters to store.

2 thoughts on “Tool storage and metal stocks storage

  1. Chris Pattison says:

    A cheaper and easier way to avoid rust would be to wrap the steel bits in aluminium foil. This will be cheaper, easier (kitchen is closer) and the ally will preferentially corrode instead of the steel.

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