Making Tiny Wheels

My next project is a “Flea Circus Chariot”, this is a basic two wheeled chariot similar to those used on Roman Chariot races.

The plan is to make this from brass sheet with the wheels machined from brass rod. The wheels will be a simple 3 spoke design similar to a BMX wheel and about 5mm high. My quandry is how to remove the metal from around the spokes? I could remove some with a mini drill but my needle files are currently too large to finish the shaping.

On Frances Armstrong’s site, Toys in Miniature she describes some tiny tools and techniques which could work.

An alternative approach is that of Steampunk Expert Jake von Slatt who’s been making small items using an electrolytic etching process. There’s a big setup for this but the etcher could be useful for otherthings and the coppersulphate used in it could be used at a later date for aging the brass.

A final possibility is a spark eroder or Electrical Discharge Machine although I believe this might be a bit like trying to trim my fingernails using a chainsaw.

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