Still no voltage

Following my previous posting on No Voltage Release switches, I’ve done some further research. Both my pillar drill and bench grinder already have these fitted, the lathe definately does not.

Whilst searching the web for these switches, I found several references to them on woodworking sites. It seems that it’s popular to have these installed on your bench mounted router and I can see why.

Richard Pool, a Baptist Minister in a small village just outside Bedford pointed me at one possible supplier for a combined safety stop switch / NVR for your router or metal shop.

My other find was almost exactly what I was looking for but unfortunately too large for my case. CPC provide a range of NVR switches that could be installed into your equipment.

2 thoughts on “Still no voltage

  1. Warco also sell a separate NVR switch.

  2. bgood says:

    I discovered your very interesting blog whilst seeking replacement switches for INCA Euro 260 bandsaw.
    Your NVR info helped me source what I needed.

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