Tapping in Soho?

I needed a 4.5mm HSS drill bit to tap an M5 hole in my latest small project. Normally I’d order these online but as it was a nice day I thought I’d see if the local hardware store by the office had some.

51 Brewer Street, Soho, London, W1F 9UQ

Romany’s of Brewer St is a great example of a traditional style hardware store. They have a long counter to serve lots of customers simultaneously and the walls are lined with shelves full of things to buy. The window shows a good range of tools and they also have many different handles, hinges and knobs. I expect that they are visited by office and shop fitters who are often seen in central London. The staff actually know about the products you are buying and they don’t seem to mind when I come in a ask for a single drill bit or a small paper bag full of screws.

You’ll be glad to hear that they do sell 4.5mm drills (current price £1.16) so I don’t need to wait 2 days to get one delivered and pay double for postage. If I was making a large order of drill bits then I’d likely get them online but for this kind of spur of the moment purchase they are ideal and I’ll keep visiting.

2 thoughts on “Tapping in Soho?

  1. 2020 Vision says:

    Trust you didn’t make any other accidental spur of the moment purchases around that area of Soho…
    Could seriously hurt your wallet!

  2. Yes, I’ve found that the health food store just down the street sells very expensive tofu.

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