Thor’s Metalworking

With a name like “Thor” you are not going to take up a hobby like needlework or stamp collecting. So it’s not surprising that Thor has taken up metalwork, he’s also kindly shared a collection of metal work plans on his site. These plans also come with detailed instructions and photos of how he made them. I’m particularly interested in his take on the knurling tool.

Thor's Knurling Tool

3 thoughts on “Thor’s Metalworking

  1. A guy named “Thor” would look silly doing stamp collection. I have a question if you don’t mind. I’m doing this project, just a hobby, nothing serious, but I was just wondering what your input on flap disk being used on my car hood. Do you think a flap disk named Smith & Arrow will be great to use to smoothen the surface? I haven’t really tried it yet but I’ve heard some awesome feedbacks on it. I found it online end it looks good and the price in very affordable> DO you think ‘Thor’ might like using this? Hope to hear from you. Thanks in advance.

  2. I’m no expert on flap disks but they are likely to be the right thing for smoothing off large surfaces of filler or paint.

  3. Here’s some other people’s thoughts on those disks from the Mig Welding Forum. Sounds like they are going to be too abrasive and take off too much material.

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