Spring Cleaning?

Alan Pasco from Gardeners world is cleaning out the shed this week. He’s got to the point where he can hardly get into it. Mine’s not that bad but it’s something I’ll be trying to do as well.

I hope to get another drawer built soon to keep my lathe tools in. Last month’s Model Engineer’s Workshop suggested lots of slimline drawers was the best thing. However, the issue with the slimline drawers is that you need to have the full extension sliders otherwise you can’t get in the back of them. Deeper drawers don’t have that issue, you can reach into the back of them even if they don’t pull fully out. The size suggested of 30mm deep would mean that I’d have to make 3 times as many drawers to get the same space so that’s a lot of extra work too.

Here’s some other ideas on making drawers from Matthias Wandel. And here’s a tip to stop your drawers falling out by using a Turnbutton catch.

As well as making space for a few new tools gained over Christmas, I need to make sure I’ve got space for anything that takes my fancy at the Alexander Palace Model Engineering fair later in the month but don’t tell the wife!

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