Uses for 101 carpet tiles

When I moved into the shed, I inherited a large pile of carpet tiles.

I’ve offered them to various friends but so far no-one has come to claim them. There’s quite a lot of them and hence they are quite heavy.

I’m trying to think of alternative uses for them, so far I’ve got:

  1. Place mats for the table.
  2. More lino stamps
  3. Giant chess board.
  4. Bury them in the garden to form a rockery.
  5. Something to sit on whilst watching repeats of Barack Obama’s inauguration speech
  6. Sell them to Nasa for putting underneath the space shuttle
  7. A new blue ryvita snack
  8. Scatter them all over the beach and wait for people to take them away.
  9. Add stamp and use a postcard.

One thought on “Uses for 101 carpet tiles

  1. Rex says:

    I’ll donate a stamp if you’d like to try the postcard option

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