Bunny Boiler for Valentine’s Day

Due to a second fault in 3 months we decided to get the boiler replaced. A friendly and efficient heating engineer came and put the new one in place and took just over half a day to do it. The new boiler looks like some kind of racing car engine on the inside and should hopefully give us many years of good service. It’s a condensing boiler so there’s an additional pipe in the form of an insulated plastic pipe leading into our outside drain, otherwise all of the existing pipes could be reused.

The chap left me a few holes to fill including a large one around the new vent. I managed to get some aerated block and cut pieces to a close fit, a simple mortaring job then sealed up around the edges which will hopefully be nice and weather tight in a few days.

Boiler and vent

We were both rather amused at the logo on the front. It would appear that we’ve bought a bunny boiler for Valentine’s day.

Bunny Boiler

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