Institute of Backyard Studies

The Institute of Backyard Studies has relaunched their website with a new forum for discussion of sheds and activities related to handiness and resourcefulness.

A description of the institute by Mark Thomson Advanced Research Director.

“What I want to do is to encourage curiousity, creativity and resourcefulness and the place that it tends to happen most, in the way that I want to encourage, is in sheds.

The sort of shed culture that I am keen to propagate is about a sort of frugal thoughtfulness blended with the sort of creativity that has become unfashionable.

This website is for people who reckon that it’s no bad thing to get your hands dirty or those who don’t throw good stuff out at the drop of a hat.”

Institute of Backyard Studies

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi Andy – the Institute of Backyard Studies is encouraging people to post stories about their own sheds, with photos, on the Show and Tell Sheds forum. Hope you’re going to send in some info on your own shed!

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