Jackdaws and mouldable firebrick

My father reported that he’d had a jackdaw fall down his chimney whilst he’d been sailing around the Clyde and Aaran. Being a helpful son, I looked up some websites for “pot toppers”, “chimney hats” and “Bird Guards”.

Cumbrian Chimney Dwelling Jackdaw

Whilst looking I also spotted that the same supplier could provide Mouldable Firebrick and heatproof screed. These both sound like ideal products to help make and maintain flowerpot furnaces, workshop hearths and home forges.

Mouldable Firebrick

“Mouldable Firebrick is a specially formulated blend of high quality refractory (heat resistant) aggregates and bond clays, resulting in a product which can be moulded into any shape to replace ordinary firebrick.”

  • Ready Mixed
  • Easy to use
  • Rated to 1600ºC
  • Replaces ordinary firebrick
  • Will bond to irregular surfaces

Heatproof screed

“Heatproof Screed is a cement like material which provides a protective rendering for brick, stone and other vulnerable materials which can be damaged by exposure to heat. This fully blended composition, with a maximum grain size of 3 mm, is mixed with water to a trowelling consistency.”

  • Easily applied
  • Temperature protection to 1300ºC
  • Use for indoor and outdoor applications
  • Economical coverage


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