Answer to Mechanism seen on the tube

It would appear my puzzle was a little too easy. Mike Morgan was the first to spot that it was “some sort fancy upmarket clasp on a bag?” followed by some lady readers of the workshopshed blog who new exactly what it was.

George Gina & Lucy Super Maria Handbag with Carabina Clasp

Yes, it was in fact a George Gina & Lucy carabina clasp from one of their canvas handbags. The clasp can be open or closed with on hand and the lower part has an adjustable strap for tension, their cable guy and Xciting Kanji designs in grey or tobacco colours are sufficiently macho to carry your sailing gear or tools in. They are not cheap however so if you see your plumber or electrician turning up with one of them you can guarentee your going to be getting a large bill.

I’ll leave the puzzles to the experts, for a more challenging puzzle you can visit Richard Wiseman’s Friday Puzzle

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