Nice bit of knurling

I’ve told a few people that I’m making a knurling tool and some of them look at me with a puzzled expression and ask what knurling is. I’ve been trying to find a good example of this and have noticed that there are not too many around. Obviously in the workshop there are plenty of examples but not too many on the high street.

The other evening I was passing the Czech & Speake Shop on Jermyn Street and noticed the rather eye catching display in their window.

Czech & Speake Shop Jermyn Street, London

In the back of the window, there is a big photo of a knurled wheel.

Czech & Speake Knurling

After a bit of investigation I discovered it was an Edwardian style lavatory roll holder available in chrome, platinum matt, platinum or Durabrass™. Hopefully when I get the tool finished I’ll be able to create results to this high standard.
Edwardian style lavatory roll holder

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