Knurling tool – Slot cutting

The next step that was taken on the knurling tool arms was to tidy up the slots in the ends. This was done with a 5mm end mill mounted in the lathe chuck. Ideally this would be mounted in a suitable collet, but I don’t have one.

The first step was to remove the tool post and tool post. I made a modification to the cross slide back at the end of the last year to have a second M8 tapped hole in it so that I can mount an angle plate on the cross slide for small milling jobs. That was a nail biting job to complete as I did not want to wreck my lathe but it came out ok and I made a small screwed plug to fill the hole when not in use.

Stripped cross slide

Due to the shape of the items to clamp it seemed better to clamp them under the angle plate with some packing and brass shims to get the right height.

Mounting the bars for milling

This first setup took some time to work out so I only had chance to finish one side of one slot in this session. There are another 7 of these milling operations to do before my slots will be finished but the next few should not take so long.

First half slot nearly complete

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