Welded Sculptures

I was reminded earlier this week that my welding course is actually “welding for artists” so I thought I’d look up some other artists who make welded sculptures.

Johan Jonsson
Jeff Owens
Derek Arnold
Kendall B. Polster – The Weld Guy

Raking Man
David Smith – Father of American Sculpture
David Taylor

3 thoughts on “Welded Sculptures

  1. jeffmonoxide says:

    Thanks Andy for highlighting my art. Some of my latest work include a Super Bowl sculpture made of recycled metal into a cheese wedge with a football, assemblages of a variety of car parts and other miscellaneous into stimulating sculptures, and large abstract sculptures approaching monumental size. I also accept commissions. Check out my website.

    Jeff Owen
    Jeff Owen Artworks

  2. Hi Jeff. That cheese wedge got a lot of comments on Twitter.

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