Nano Machines

Thanks to the forums at Home Model Engine Machinist I’ve found out about these tiny metal working tools from SIEG. The SIEG NANO series of engineering tools currently consists of three models, the lathe, the mill and the pillar drill.

These light weight machines could be of use to model engineers or watch makers who like to work with smaller parts although with their 150W motors they might struggle with larger parts or tougher materials.

The Nano lathe comes with a 50mm 3 jaw chuck and wrench set. It has a distance between centres of 100mm and a swing over bed also of 100mm.

At 11kg the Nano mill is the heaviest of the three machines and has X/Y/Z movement of 40/45/80mm. It has a drill style chuck that can take tools with upto 6mm shank. One interesting feature that does not exist on larger machines is that the table as well as being able to tilt upto 45° can be rotated upto 30° as well.

These would have come in handy when I was making my flea chariot.

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