Welding Project Garden Obelisk

Prototyping with string

16 bars and a square needed for each Obelisk

The bars were clamped up on a work mate (with metal plates to conduct and to project the surface). The ability to adjust the spacing with the workmate was useful.

Details of the clamping

The top was welded last, needed some cunning clamping.

The finished obelisk

5 thoughts on “Welding Project Garden Obelisk

  1. aegis says:

    I really apreciate the information. looking forward to
    see such more information in future.

  2. very nice. I have been dying to learn how to weld since I broke my hammock stand this would be a sweet second project.

  3. Hey guys, glad you liked this little welding project.

  4. You have finished it well. Great job.

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