Rosamund Urwin reported recently on a problem of grown up people being bored.

“At a party recently, a couple in their thirties — home-owners, two sprogs, successful at work — confessed they found their lives “chronically dull”. Then I overheard a 19-year-old student grouchily moaning he had “nothing to do” until university restarted.”

This a problem that I rarely have. This could be that I am “easily amused” or that I benefit from being in London with all of it’s museums, galleries and events or it could be that I have a shed at the bottom of the garden where I can tinker to my hearts content?

But I think that Rosamund might have it right when she says “Only boring people stay bored for long.”

One thought on “Bored

  1. Datamancer says:

    Agreed. I think I get bored maybe twice a year, usually when I’m trapped away from my workshop (like at a hotel) or when illness or injury prevents me from “working” (which is the same for me as “playing”). I’m ever so impressed what you’re able to do with that small workspace. Keep up the good work.

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