Blacksmith Supplies

Though I’d follow up on my previous blacksmith post with some suppliers of blacksmith tools.

Blacksmith tools, picture from

I’ve not actually purchased from any of these but I have been in contact with Vaughans ( as they also have casting equipment such as crucible tongs and crucibles. They were very helpful if a little more expensive than I was willing to pay at the time.

Glendale Forge
Lakes Forge Supplies
Arthur Cottam Horseshoes

Another potential source would be to look at Forge Magazine as I’m sure some of their advertisers will supply such tools.

I do at some point hope to get an anvil so that I can use it for forming metal before welding it. I’m not quite sure how to select an anvil and I’m not sure if the little 4Kg ones from Draper and Machine Mart etc would be sufficiently stable to tollerate me banging on them. The other issue with anvils of course is that they are quite heavy so even a complete bargain on ebay might cost a fortune in shipping.


Some tips on selecting an anvil

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