Workshop Practice Series New Titles

There are three new titles in the Workshop Practice Series, to be released 29th November 2010.

Given that there are a large number of books in this range it’s a little surprising that there is not much for complete beginners so the latest in the Workshop Practice Series are a real plus. No. 45 Basic Lathework should be great for beginners working with a new lathe and is nicely complemented by Alex Weiss’ title, 46 Workshop Machinery which looks at selection of new machinery and the different tools and accessories that go with them. Given that lots of ex-industrial equipment is provided as three phase, Graham Astbury’s book on three-phase conversion will be useful for those looking to use such equipment in their workshop to take advantage of the greater torque and speed control that these electric motors bring.

No. 45 Basic Lathework by Stan Brey
No. 46 Workshop Machinery by Alex Weiss
No. 47 Three-Phase Conversion by Graham Astbury

You can pre-order these from MyHobby store and they should be available in time for Christmas.

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