Helicopters the fly themselves

One thing I’ve seen a few times this Christmas is model helicopters, one of them was gesture activated and some even had cameras and linked to your iphone.

Impressive that these are, there are also people who make their own copters that fly themselves. One of these is William Thielicke from Bremen who has made Shrediquette an aerobatic tricopter/ tri-rotor. It can also hover by itself thanks to some clever electronics, three MEMS gyroscopes and a two axis MEMS accelerometer.

Shrediquette MM6 FPV winter flight

If you are interested in building an automatous copter then you should head over to DIY Drones where you will find everything you need for such a device and even some stuff that could be useful for other projects. There is also a build log for Shrediquette.

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  1. Get Sorted for says:

    I am not much into these stuff but my brother tries out different things all the time. Thank you for the info. Will definitely share it with him.

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