I saw the name Renishaw in the business section of the paper the other evening and I thought I see what they had been upto recently.

I first came across Renishaw about 20 years back when I was doing an apprentiship with Dowty Group. We’d been send down to Stoud College to learn about the practical side of electrics and electronics such as fitting fireproof cabelling and creating printed circuit board. I remember the Renishaw chaps always being very serious and the Dowty rabble getting in trouble for having our project meetings in the college canteen. A the time Renishaw made inspection probes for testing the quality of machining and we got to see one of their probes with it’s destinctive “ruby” tip and excellent precision engineering.

In the many years since, Renishaw are still making serious probes but they have also expanded out into a range of complementary products.

The other interesting thing that Renishaw mention in their blog is that they have several vacancies and are finding difficulties recruiting skilled engineers. This does not surprise me as the Renishaw standards are very high. However they are not just sitting back and moaning about the lack of skills, they are getting involved with local Gloucestershire schools and still run an active (and no doubt demanding) apprenticeship scheme.

It’s also nice to see a company promoting their own customers. For example Helicopter John, a model helicopter company over in the USA who uses a wireless probe on a Haas CNC Mill.

Video from Helicopter John

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