Trustee from the Toolroom 1960

I was recommended the book Trustee from the Toolroom by a interesting chap who contacted me via twitter.

or Trustee from the Toolroom (Kindle Edition)

The book tells the story of Keith Stewart a ex-toolroom fitter who has decided to spend his time making models and writing articles for “Miniature Mechanic”. A plane crash means that Keith’s world is upturned and he ends up travelling the globe to put things right.

It’s quite unusual for a book to have an engineer as the main character and I doubt that there are any others out there that have a model engineer protagonist. The technical apects of sailing, aeroplanes and engineering are all covered in great detail. Nevil is writing with authority here as he was himself and engineer for many years. To some extent the book reminded me of the James Bond series (the books not the films) if slightly less exotic.

Trustee from the Toolroom is an engaging book to read and a top recommendation for any model engineer. If you are not into engineering then you should also enjoy the book but might find it slow going in the places he’s describing the technical aspects.

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2 thoughts on “Trustee from the Toolroom 1960

  1. Great book, but it’s not a plane crash, it’s a ship wreck!

  2. Cheers, Steve you are quite right. I was muddling up the ship wreck with the flight that Keith takes which of course does not crash.

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