Has anything changed since 1906?

Over on Bench Crafted Jameel suggested that the 18th Century answered pretty much everything you need to know about woodworking so why try to improve of that. My thought was that a lot of that also applies to the world of metal work. I’ve a copy of a 1940s series called “Engineering Workshop Practice” by Arthur Judge that pretty much covers most things I’m likely to do in the workshop.

I thought I’d have a check and see if there was anything older.

Having a look over on Camden Miniature Steam Services, I noted the following books:

  • Things That Are Usually Wrong -The Machine Shop Wisdom of Professor John Sweet -1906
  • Metalworking – Hasluck – 1907
  • A Treatise on Gear Wheels – George Grant – 1907
  • Milling Machine Kinks – Colvin Stanley – 1908
  • Copper Work – Augustus Rose – 1908
  • Engraving Metals – Paul Hasluck – 1912
  • Railroad Shop Practice – tools and methods – Frank Stanley – 1921
  • Elements of Machine Work – Robert Smith – 1919
  • Advanced Machine Work – Robert Smith – 1925
  • Handbook for Drillers – 1925

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