Rival Model Engineering Magazines and Events

I’m a subscriber to “Model Engineers Workshop” a UK magazine that details projects for building tools and accessories for model engineering. In the latest edition there’s a free ticket for the Model Engineer Exhibition over at Sandown Park Racecourse on 9, 10 and 11 December 2011.

Model Engineers Workshop #182

I also occationally read Model Engineer and Engineering in Miniature. In the November Engineering in Miniature there are a couple of interesting comments. The first is that their rival show at Alexandra Palace in January will have a model competition which is one of the differences in the shows I pointed out last year. The other comment was from the magazine editor in that there will be more workshop projects articles in the magazine in future, for example the next edition is to include TIG Welding and a Spark Eroding machine. Obviously they are trying to lure readers over from MEW. I won’t be cancelling my subscription just yet but some competition is between the magazines and exhibitions hopefully will keep both at a high quality.

3 thoughts on “Rival Model Engineering Magazines and Events

  1. Phil Parker says:

    I’ve always been amazed that there is a large enough market to support so many magazines. Purchasing more than one a month by many people probably helps but you have to wonder, looking at the age profile of those at the exhibitions, how long this can carry on for.

  2. Phil, what amazes me is when you start digging there are a range of other magazines such as Old Glory, Stationary Engine and a whole range of magazines on old trucks and tractors.
    I think model engineering appeals to older people for a couple of reasons. It’s expensive and time consuming. The debate over if this is a long term problem for model engineering has been running for decades so I don’t think the hobby will be disappearing too soon. Engineering in Miniature do have a young engineer section.

  3. It is amazing how many niche magazines there are if you dig around.

    I don’t think the market will disappear any time soon, it will pass to the sons and daughters of the enthusiasts. When I think of all the old magazines I collected that I threw away and are now going for silly amounts on eBay…argh!

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