Security Grills

After seeing this security grill on an art gallery I thought I’d see what other interesting grills I could find.

Fortnum and Mason have some impressive gates for their doors when they shut up for the night, one of them also includes a clock although I’m fairly sure it’s not showing the current time!

I spotted these gates on lower Regent Street,

and these gates are around the corner on another gallery in Charles II Street.

Going a bit further afield I found these next few over in Belgravia.

These last two are from Piccadilly, the first has woven metal straps.

My final example is technically not a security grill as you could just duck under it, but it’s in the style of a grill so I thought I’d include it. This more contemporary example comes from Sackville Street.

3 thoughts on “Security Grills

  1. I used to work at English Touring Theatre once upon a time. Their security grill was quite interesting. It’s on Short Street, SE1. There’s a pic of most of it at the link below…

  2. Very nice, there’s not too many contemporary examples in my part of London

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