Do something new for 2013

Many people’s New Years resolutions include learning a new skill and mine’s no exception. This year I’m determined to give “TIG Brazing” a go. I’ve done gas brazing and TIG welding already so it’s should be something that I can pick up myself without needing a mentor.

However, learning new skills often does need someone to teach you, historically people have trained under masters with years of experience but it can be difficult to find someone who can show you how it’s done. The “Amazings” is a new project that puts people together with elders who can pass on their skills.

There is a wide variety of courses available from a diverse selection of teachers. Some of their current course include:

  • Making a box sash window
  • Wood Turning
  • Glass Waving

This way of providing courses is much more flexible that the traditional college approach. For example if you can’t find an activity that you are interested in you can also register an interest and if their is enough demand and an available teacher then that course can be created. The courses are typically shorter which is good if you have a busy schedule. Alternatively if you are 50 or older and have a skill to share then you can apply to be an amazing.

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