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To finish off a week of articles on homemade tools, I’d like to mention Homemadetools.net. The site is primarily a directory of all the home made tools, fixtures, jigs, stands, storage etc that the site has found on the various websites and forums around the internet or has been posted on the forums. Each builder gets to showcase their builds on their own page (or pages if you’ve a lot of tools) and their is even a league table for the most prolific builders, the top builder is currently Frank who has 82 projects to his name.

The tools are quite varied from the simple to sophisticated, some are reproductions of what could be bought in a store and some of totally unique to solve a problem that the builder had. I read on their forum this morning about one chap who’s a bus mechanic and got into building his own tools because none of the car or truck “pullers” were suitable for his buses. The builders are quite varied too with a lot from the automotive side (the site is run by some hotrod builders) and metal work but also a very large number of woodworkers and woodworking tools.

As for nearly all of the metal and woodworking sites on the web, the purpose of this site is about sharing, both ideas and techniques for making things and this is a great place to visit if you are looking for project idea or need a tool to complete a project or fix your hotrod or just want to meet like minded people.

3 thoughts on “Homemade Tools

  1. Ken says:

    Hi Andy,

    Many thanks for the review and kind words.

    We never tire of the endless creativity and ingenuity found amongst builders of homemade tools.

    As ever, we’re open to any suggestions on how we might improve the site.


  2. Hi Ken, due to a technical errror this post went out early, so will have to come up with a new post for Friday, perhaps a round up of top homemade tools?

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