Mini Project – Making a Trivet

After the bathroom was renovated we had some marble border tiles left over and due to an accident with a photo I also had a broken picture frame. I decided to put these together and create a small potstand or trivet.

The frame was in 2 parts so I used the smaller parts to make a square frame by cutting new mitres using a junior hacksaw then gluing them together.

Then part of the hardboard back produced a platform for the tiles to sit on.

I repeated the mitring with the main frame taking note of a tip I’d seen on a dovetail cutting video. This was to ensure that the edges that will be visible look good. If the backside does not look so great this should not be an issue.

I glued up the frame and grouted my tiles into place. The corners wern’t quite perfect so I used a little interior filler in those and touched them up with a permanant marker the match the colour of the frame.

2 thoughts on “Mini Project – Making a Trivet

  1. David Scott says:

    Excellent repurposing.

  2. Thanks David, the picture frame probably could have been salvaged as a picture frame and repainted but that decision had already been made for me. Conveniently the bathroom and kitchen tiles are quite similar so it matches well.

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