Should I watch “The Apprentice”?

Those who know me, will know I’m a strong critic of “The Apprentice” this is mostly based on watching a few episodes of earlier series anecdotal comments about the episodes since then. I also feel that the series belittles the concept of apprenticeships. A good scheme should provide plenty of training as well as experience and such a high failure rate would suggest a fault with the scheme not with the apprentices.

However, a couple of mentions in this series have caused me to prick up my ears and contemplate watching it.

The first was an early episode that mentioned Design, the challenge was to come up with a new idea for a new piece of flat pack furniture. The second was when Bex Simon mentioned on Twitter about some crafts being slated on the show. Bex has since written an article on the unmaking of a designer, her point was that the issue was the incorrect selection of the items by the team not the items themselves. Hence the criticism was unfairly directed at the artworks.

Obviously this week is the finale but the forms to apply for the next are online so should I watch the next series?

2 thoughts on “Should I watch “The Apprentice”?

  1. Phil Parker says:

    Bit late to leap into it now. I quite like the show – not to the extent of making an effort to see it but if it’s on and I’m around, I’ll watch it – but I dialike all the candidates and of the two potential winners, I loath one and the others business plan is abhorant.

    As for dissing the crafts – I think the “artist” has to realise that not everyone views their art as they do. To them it’s a baby and to be loved and respected. To someone trying to sell it, it’s a question of taste. Saying, “The carft shouldn’t be there unless everyone is nice about it” misses the point. Sugar et al didn’t like it and said so. It was the wrong product for the place they were trying to sell it. Hence, there was criticism.

    At the end of the day, if no one is allowed to dislike your “art” then you have to stay in the bubble of the art world where people won’t tell you what they think to your face. Or you can get comercial and accept that not everyone likes it, you have to find those who do.

  2. Phil, thanks for your comment, yes art is a very subjective area. Obviously Lord Sugar is not one to mince his words (unless he could sell the mince on his market stall) but I don’t think the bubble is free from critism either. Bex’s point was you can actually do both but the skills and requirements for each are different.

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