TIG Torch Holder

The TIG Torch does not get very hot but you can’t just put it on the bench and expect it to stay there, due to the heavy pipe and cabling it gets dragged onto the floor where it might get trodden on and damaged.

The last time I was welding, I used a couple metal rods held in the vice as an impromptu torch holder. That worked ok but the torch stick out at an angle where it might get damaged so I thought it made sense to make something more permanent.

In the scrap box was a piece of 6mm rebar so I bent that cold in the vice into a U shape. I filed a flat on the side and welded it to a piece of 3mm x 30mm mild steel strip. Once that cooled down it is just a case of mounting it in the vice.

I tested it out whilst welding up the BBQ shelf and it worked well.

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