Leeds Castle Gratings

On a trip around Leeds Castle in Kent, whilst everyone was looking at the tapestries, paintings and furniture, I was staring at the floor. The reason was the amazing ironwork in the form of floor and wall grills.

There were also some rather nice doors and door furniture.

Slightly more contemporary was this garden bench which can be found in the kitchen garden and looked liked it had been welded out of tree branches.

By the entrance is this splendid bird sculpture

4 thoughts on “Leeds Castle Gratings

  1. momist says:

    Fascinating and beautiful hand work. Photos 2 and 6 are fundamentally the same design, 6 is simply 12 pieces of wrought iron set in a simple frame, but the effect is wonderful.

  2. Momist, a good spot, thanks for your comment. I took lots of photos and did try to remove the duplicate designs. I don’t have much information on the ages construction of the designs but I’d not be too surprised if these ones were quite old.

  3. alvis smith says:

    Great work.I like all.Thanks for sharing.

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