Materials Rack

For the shower room renovation the builder recommended water proof concrete backer boards for the cubicle. After a long chat with the man at the counter at the DIY store I managed to get these ordered and delivered at the bulk discount price mentioned on the shelves.

I realised that they were pretty harsh things to handle and I did not really want to have them resting on the kitchen lino and I thought they might easily tear it. So I quickly knocked up a pallet from some scrap 2×4 and battens for them to sit on. I put two screws in one of the battens and that was sufficient to stop it moving out of square.

However I realised that they would be quite heavy and I thought against leaning them on the kitchen chairs and/or radiator. I added a couple of uprights and a cross piece made from more 2×4 all screwed together with 3inch screws.

The material was delivered and I slid it carefully onto the rack, taking care to load the sheets on alternative sides. My larger sheet of ply was slotted down one side and leant up against one wall. The rack also needed to be unloaded from alternate sides to avoid toppling over but it did it’s job for the two days it needed to and will now be disassembled again.

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