Sable & Ox – providing artists with access to new markets and digital marketing

I was introduced to Sable & Ox via twitter a few months back and since then have been admiring some of the excellent sculpture, furniture and automata showcased on the site. Sable & Ox work with independent, UK based artists and artisans to sell and commission unique works of art in all fields.

Sable & Ox is a curated “online gallery” rather than just a market place and this shows in the quality and originality of the pieces displayed. Every artist included in the gallery has been personally visited by the Sable & Ox team to verify the quality and to ensure that they share the same aesthetic vision.

Art consultant Peter Bridle believes that a curated online gallery is better than the ‘marketplace’ approach that sites like Etsy take: “Without curation the buyer needs to wade through pages of mediocre or derivative work on competing art websites. Sable & Ox is a new brand that can be trusted to only promote the very best and most unique work from the UK. ”

The website is a dream to use and you can easily search and browse the artists and works. The image quality is excellent and the details clear. You can buy online or commission an artist with a personal project.

Sable & Ox will soon be opening their first showcase gallery in Norfolk. The site will be located near the market town of Kings Lynn, an historically rich and developing little seaport in north Norfolk; making it only a short train ride from central London and the surrounding Home Counties.

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