Sealant beading tool

I hate working with silicone sealant.
It smells terrible.
It’s a pain to wash off your skin.
It doesn’t go where you want it to.
It gets very messy very quickly.

So when I had to seal up around the freshly lain lino, it was not a job I was looking forward to.

After a mate told me about his luck with a “grout finger” and also my own success with a lolly stick when grouting, I thought I’d make a quick tool to help with the sealing.

I took a plastic scraper that I had kicking about and chopped off the corner using a knife, I then sanded it smooth using fine grade sandpaper.

It use it, run a bead of sealant down the gap between the wall and floor, then run the tool along to smooth the profile and remove the excess. It’s still quite messy but the end results are good. It’s possible to use the other side of the scraper to remove any drips or splodges that get onto the lino or tiles.

One thought on “Sealant beading tool

  1. […] Sealant is not a material I like. It has great water repelling properties but it’s a pain to install. It’s also pretty annoying if you need to remove it. For the bathroom refit we wanted to re-use the door of the shower cubicle. To remove the door, I had to unscrew the frame and then cut through the sealant. In this case the oscillating multi-tool I purchased for the grout removal came in handy. With a knife blade it made quick work of separating the frame from the wall and tray. […]

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