Spindles finished

The final piece of mechanical engineering on the clock was the spindles. As previously mentioned I had a couple of different ideas on how these might work. I went with something roughtly like my second spindle design and that’s worked out nicely.

I knew that cutting the diameter for the hands to push fit onto would be critical so I turned this first before machining the spindles to length. The inner spindle then only required cutting to length and polishing. The hour hand spindle had to be turned so that it would fit through the “top hat” component, I’ve since discovered these are called “split nuts” and are often found on hand saws. Once the hour spindle was turned to fit the “top hat” I then turned a section to mount the gear. Finally I sawed this to length and turned it around to faceoff the other end.

It was a bit tricky to film these as I needed an extra hand hence the use of the pliers to hold the top hat whilst I turned the two gears beneath.

The next step is to fit these into the clock and ensure it’s all running smoothly before testing with the motors.

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