Cor-ten Steel

Most people working with steel go to great lengths to make sure that it does not rust. However “Weathering Steel” or Cor-Ten® Steel as it’s most commonly known is actually designed to rust. The sheets rust following installation and generate a protective oxide layer that can protect the underlying metal. However as for most coatings this is not totally imperviable and the manufacturers recommend not installing it in salt water areas or in places that have a lot of fog.

The key feature of the metal is the wonderful autumnal colour that the metal turns when rusted and hence it’s used a lot in architectural and sculptural work.

Here’s some great examples, to find out more about the artist click on the images.

Ring, 2013 by Lump Sculpture Studio

Celine with Shadow, 2013 by Zadok Ben-David

Untitled-Armillary, 1999 by Patrick Plourde (Photo by Corey Templeton)

Moonscape, 2009 by Pierre Le Roux Design. Photography by Michael Nimos.

Pool Way-Marker, 2012 by Wolfgang Buttress

Waterfall Fountain, 2008 by Family Gahr

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