Multicoloured Sugru

Sugru is an air curing rubber that bonds to metals, plastics and wood. I’m a big fan as it’s good for making and repairing.
It does bond to a wide range of materials and it has some flexibility once cured but the big thing that sets it apart from other adhesives is that it’s designed to be seen or at least be on display.
The basic colours for Sugru are Red, Blue, Yellow, White and Black. However by mixing these you can produce a wide range of colours and many of the users have achieved very successful colour matches.

The other big difference about Sugru is the company’s engagement with the end users. They actively encourage people to write about their projects and fixes and to help each other out on their forums. There are literally hundreds of photos of fixes and creations on the website. Sugru showcases good examples from the community and writes articles on the users such as Olympic archers and explorers. Sugru even provide a Fixers Manifesto, obviously with a pen incase that also needs fixing!

Sugru has one minor drawback for me which is a shelf life of approximately one year, which can be extended by keeping the packets in the fridge. Their chemistry team have been working on this and the life span is continually being improved.
The other recent enhancement is a range of new colours. The latest colours to be added are Pink, Brown, Orange, Green and Silver. I was sent a packet of brown which could be useful around the house but I plan to use it for gaskets on a Stirling Engine project which I hope to build next year.

The other nice thing about their latest delivery was that even the packet has a use, in that it can be used as a project planner.

I also noticed that the company brand FormFormForm was more obviously displayed on the packaging and pondered if this might mean a wider product range in the future?

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