Hamburg a city of skilled engineers

Regular Workshopshed reader Alan recently visited some friends in Hamburg and marveled at the engineering delights he saw there.

Alan: We climbed to the top of St Michaels clock tower, I think everyone else was there for the view but I just wanted to look at the mechanics of largest tower clock in Germany. The big hand of the clock is 5m long! Luckily we weren’t in the tower when the bells were chiming as they make quite a racket.

We also visited the fabulous Miniatur Wunderland Hamburg, it’s the largest model railway in the world but so much more than that too. I was watching a plane taxi along the runway expecting it to turn around at the end but it actually took off! We went into the next room and there were airships flighing around. Even time is modelled there, at the end of the model day the room lights dim and all the street lights come on. The whole thing is controlled from a control room with a massive bank of monitors.

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