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Maker Pro is a series of interviews with a wide range of people, looking at how they make their living through making. The interviewees are from diverse backgrounds and countries, and some of the interviewers are quite interesting too.

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How they all make their living is varied too, some make and sell items, another helps makers sell things, some teach making and others write about making.

I recognised some of the people such as Emile Petrone and Jimmy DiResta. There were several such as Joe Meno founder of Brick Journal Magazine who I’d not heard of, he makes a living via “Adult Fan of LEGO”.

One of the things I like about this book is that it’s easy to dip into and read about each maker. I read it over several nights and will likely revisit some of those makers either via the book or by checking them out online.

The interviews are entertaining, interesting and often inspirational, I found out quite a few things I’d not read before and it was food for thought too. I thoroughly recommend this book.

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