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Finishing Concrete – Top tips

Finishing Concrete - Top tips

I do like working with a wide range of materials but there’s a few that I don’t know that much about. One that I’d like to experiment with a bit more is concrete. Priority Plant a top tools manufacturer to

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Garden Bird Repair – Steelstik

Garden Bird Repair - Steelstik

A few years back we were given a pair of decorative birds for the garden. Before too long, the small one’s legs became detached and more recently the head of the larger one has come off. When you look at

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Tenma Soldering Station

Tenma Soldering Station

My old Antex soldering iron is about 25 years old and although it provides a good service it is a bit beaten up. The cable is held together with self amalgamating tape and the element is looking a bit corroded.

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