3D printing which way up?

For the Enchanted Cottage project I wanted some spacers for between the Arduino Yún and the shields so that it would be securely mounted on the chassis. There’s not a lot of space so I designed some in OpenSCAD with a hexagon body and circular hole.


When I tried printing these I found that the small base made them vulnerable to coming unstuck from the bed.


So I tried connecting several together first with a thin strip then with a bigger raft. Those ideas also did not work very well and two out of 4 prints came unstuck.


It was not till after I’d abandoned my printing for the evening that I had the idea of simply lying them down. That should print a lot better and the overhang and holes are something that have successfully printed before.

Update: Even lying down the printing was still challenging but it was successfully completed by adding a wide brim and printing the first few layers at half speed.

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