From prototype to product – A practical guide for electronic engineers

This book endeavours to teach you what they don’t teach on an electronics degree, the process of turning your prototype circuit into a product. It does so by selecting four key topics; design issues, design for manufacture, compliance and project management. For each of these topics are further broken down into topics such as power supplies, PCB manufacture, safety etc. And for each sub topic real world examples are used to demonstrate the points.


Industry experts have been consulted to get the best information for each area. The examples are clear and identify valid points.

The book is quite large print and has lots of illustrations so it feels a little sparse at times. I am reminded of a top 10 tips article and feel it might be better with more details in each of the topics. I also felt that the material in the first 3 appendices could be fitted into the chapters of the book.

So it’s a good introduction to these topics and easy to read but might leave you wanting for more.

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