The magnifier lamp has 24 LEDs and the housing is plastic so I did not want to solder them up in place. To simplify the assembly a wooden jig was made by drilling 3 hole through the head. An LED was fitting into the head and the legs bent at the right point.


A couple of panel pins were hammered in to act as depth stops.


This allowed sets of 3 LEDs to be formed, cut and soldered with a resistor and wires.


8 sets of LEDs were soldered up and then wired up. To reduce the amount of cable in the head, every three sets the wires were consolidated into a single cable. These were finally brought to 2 points that could be connected up to the supply.


These were tested as I went along and then again once they were all connected. I have some flexible multimeter cables to connect up to the base.

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  1. […] spacing and avoid melting the head (which had taken 7hr to print), I made this simple wooden jig LED Jig […]

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